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The Hotmart subscription service consists of recurring charges that are programmed and processed by HotPay.

Reactivate and Charge Subscription List

This endpoint reactivates a list of inactive subscriptions , you'll be able to choose whether a new charge will be issued after the process.

Request parameters


  • subscriber_codearray containing stringsgeneral.required

    List of unique subscriber codes (subscriber_code) whose subscription you want to reactivate

  • chargeboolean

    Indicates whether to charge buyers again when reactivating subscriptions. It generates a new charge if you mark it as true, by default its value is false. The billing date will remain the same as before the subscription was deactivated.


  • success_subscriptionsarray containing objects

    List of subscribers who were successfully reactivated.

  • fail_subscriptionsarray containing objects

    List of subscribers that could not be reactivated for some reason or error. For example: invalid subscriber code or subscription that is already active.