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The Hotmart subscription service consists of recurring charges that are programmed and processed by HotPay.

Change the charge day

This endpoint changes the billing day for a subscription that is active, therefore modifying the next renewal dates, according to the periodicity of each plan.

The change in the billing date is always applied for the subsequent month of the next installment to be generated, that is, always after the billing that was already scheduled to be processed. For example, your monthly subscription is renewed every day 10, but on January 11th you decided to change the expiration date to 5th. The next monthly payment will still be on February 10th and only after that, on March 5th.

This change is only available to be applied to subscriptions that have the status Active or Overdue and can be carried out as many times as the subscriber wishes. In addition, subscriptions that are in their trial period will not be available to change their billing day, since the first payment has not yet been made and, therefore, the subscription is not in effect.

Request parameters


  • subscriber_codestringgeneral.required

    Code exclusive to the subscriber.


  • due_dayintegergeneral.required

New subscription billing day, which can be defined between values ​​1 and 31. If the value is set to 31 and the current month has only 30 days, the billing day will be 30. Values ​​outside this margin will not be accepted, returning an error.


When successful, this endpoint returns the HTTP code HTTP 200 with a response body empty.