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The Hotmart subscription service consists of recurring charges that are programmed and processed by HotPay.

Cancel subscription list

This endpoint cancels a subscription list, interrupts the charge cycle, and notifies the cancellation for sub-systems such as Club and Webhook.

Request parameters


  • subscriber_codearray containing stringsgeneral.required

    List of codes exclusively of subscribers

(subscriber_code) whose subscription you want to cancel.

  • send_mailboolean

    Indicate if an email will be sent to the subscriber notifying of the cancellation. By standard, the value of this attribute is true, if an email will be sent. If no email will be sent, leave the value as false.


  • success_subscriptionsarray containing objects

    List of subscriptions that have been successfully canceled.

  • fail_subscriptionsarray containing objects

    List of subscriptions that have not been canceled for any reason or error. For example: invalid subscriber code or subscription that is already canceled.