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The Hotmart subscription service consists of recurring charges that are programmed and processed by HotPay.

Cancel Subscription

This endpoint cancels a subscription, interrupts the charge cycle, and notifies the cancellation of the subscription for sub-systems such as Club and Webhook.

Request parameters


  • subscriber_codestringgeneral.required

    It is an exclusive subscriber code.


  • send_mailboolean

    Indicates whether to send a cancellation notification email to the buyer. It sends an email if you mark it as true, or it doesn't send it if you mark it as false.


  • statusstring

    Current subscription status, which can be:


  • errorstring

    Shows if there was an error processing a subscription list. For example, if the Producer sets up a mass cancellation of their subscriptions and one of these cancellations is not processed correctly, an error message is returned.

  • subscriber_codestring

    Exclusive code for a subscriber, who may not even be the same person who purchased the subscription.

  • creation_datestring

    Date of subscription creation.

  • current_recurrenceinteger

    Number of the current recurrence. For example, if you have a monthly subscription, as soon as you subscribe and pay for the first recurrence, this is recurrence number 1. The value of this attribute will increase as new recurrences are paid over time.

  • date_last_recurrencestring

    Date of the last payment.

  • date_next_chargestring

    Next payment attempt date.

  • due_dayinteger

    Day on which charges are made. For monthly or annual subscriptions, it means the day of the month. For weekly subscriptions, it means the day of the week being:

    1-Monday, 2-Tuesday, 3-Wednesday, 4-Thursday, 5-Friday, 6-Saturday or 7-Sunday

  • trial_periodinteger

    Number of days that the subscription offers as a trial period. After this period, the first charge will be made.

  • interval_type_between_chargesstring

    Time interval between the charges for a subscription. In the following formats:


  • interval_between_chargesinteger

    Number of charges depending on the type. Ex: if interval_type_between_charges is equal to MONTH, it means that it is monthly and if interval_between_charges is equal to 3, it means that the charge is quarterly.

  • max_charge_cyclesinteger

    Number of recurrences configured for the plan. If the value is equal to 0, it means that there is no limit of recurrences, that is, the Producer (a) configured the option" until the customer cancels ".

  • activation_datestring

    Date of subscription activation.

  • shopperobject

    User responsible for paying the subscription.