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The Hotmart subscription service consists of recurring charges that are programmed and processed by HotPay.

What are Subscriptions

This model consists of recurring charges to access the content, that is, the buyer must make periodic payments (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually, as configured by the producer) to have continuous access to the product for a specific amount of time.

The Producer will be able to define the time period in which a recurrence charge will be processed. If a specific number of recurrences is not set, charges are made until the buyer cancels the subscription.

The billing date for a subscription will be the same day on which it was purchased, provided the subscriber does not change it. That is, in a semiannual plan started on 01/01/2020, the second charge will be made automatically on 07/01/2020, and so on.

Subscriptions at Hotmart can have different status that helps buyers, affiliates, and producers to understand the user's scenario through the system.

A subscription can have the following status:

ActiveThe payment of the last recurrence is on time and the subscription is still in the duration period.
OverdueYour customer's payment of the last recurrence is overdue and the subscription is still in the duration period.
Canceled by AdministradorThe subscription was canceled by Hotmart's Customer Support Team.
Canceled by CustomerThe cancellation of the subscription was made by the Buyer.
Canceled by SellerThe cancellation of the subscription was made by you, the Producer, or your collaborator.
InactiveThe first recurrence payment has not been confirmed/approved.
InitiatedYour student has generated a Boleto (Brazil) for the payment of the subscription's first recurrence, but it has not been confirmed yet.
ExpiredThe subscription period has ended. The recurrences charged in this period may have been settled or there may be one or more overdue.