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Sandbox is an environment that we provide for you to test your integration while it is still in the development phase. This environment mimics the characteristics of the production environment, so all the endpoints available on Hotmart Developers can be accessed there.

We recommend that you use this test environment to make the development process more efficient since it is possible to identify probable implementation problems before your system goes live.

Sandbox authentication will take place in the same way as the Hotmart API, so you can check how to create a Credential in the section for API Authentication . In addition, the endpoint return data is all fictional, so your Hotmart account and data will not be affected by any tests performed by them.

The base URL of the sandbox is and all API endpoints can be accessed by it using the path of the original endpoint. For example, an endpoint of any API that is accessed by the URL

would be available for testing in the sandbox at URL:

Some of our endpoints may have more than one response scenario, so it is necessary to send specific values ​​in the request so that each of these scenarios can be obtained and tested in isolated form. In these situations, the possible parameter values ​​and their returns will be listed in the sections of each of these endpoints.

Error Returns

With Sandbox, it's possible to test possible Hotmart API errors, in addition to the success of requests. But as the main intention of this environment is to assist in the success of the integration, we do not provide all the errors that the API is capable of returning, since only a few validations will be sufficient to test its implementation.

In the table below, we have examples of common errors that can be returned at all endpoints, but specific errors will be listed within each section of the endpoints.

StatusType of errorDefinition
404 - Not Foundnot_foundThe URL requested wasn't found and is in an invalid form.
405 - Method Not Allowedmethod_not_allowedHTTP method used in the request isn't known by the server, but can't be used in this endpoint.
401 - Unauthorizedunauthorized_clientThe user doesn't have permission to continue with the request.
500 - Server Errorinternal_server_errorAn unexpected internal server error occurred and it wasn't possible to complete the request.