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Response HTTP Codes

The Hotmart API uses a standard HTTP response code to indicate the success or failure of each request. In case of errors, in addition to the HTTP response code, we also send a JSON object with a descriptive error message and your type.

In general, codes in the interval 2xx indicate success.

Operations that result in an error that occurred on the client side (e.g. invalid access token) will return a code in the 4xx range and indicate that the request is in some way invalid. If you receive a 4xx error, we recommend that you read our error glossary for more context to help you troubleshoot the problem.

The error codes in the 5xx range suggest a problem with the Hotmart API services.

If you have any questions or cannot solve your problem, do not hesitate to contact our support team, if possible by sending the complete request you are trying to make and the error received. This way, our team can help you find a solution as soon as possible.


  • errorstring

    The type of error returned. It can be one of the values:

    invalid_token, token_expired, unauthorized, unauthorized_client, invalid_parameter, invalid_value_parameter, invalid_value_headers, not_found, too_many_requests or internal_server_error.

  • error_descriptionstring

    An easy to understand message that provides more details about the error.

  • error_uristring

    A link to our documentation where you can find out more about the error code received.

   "error": "unauthorized",
   "error_description": "Full authentication is required to access this resource."
   "error_uri": ""

HTTP status summary

StatusType of errorDefinition
200 - OK-Success! Everything went as planned.
201 - Created-Similar to200, but is it references a return when the new recourse was created.
400 - Bad Requestinvalid_parameterThe request sent has something invalide.
invalid_value_parameterThe request sent has a value queryString invalid in some way.
invalid_value_headersThe request sent has a header value invalid in some way.
401 - UnauthorizedunauthorizedYou need to be authenticated in order to continue with the request. This error normally happens when the access token didn't pass in the parameter of the requested header.
token_expiredThe token has expired.
invalid_tokenThe access token for the parameter is in some way invalid.
403 - Forbiddenunauthorized_clientThe user does not have permission to continue with this request.
404 - Not Foundnot_foundThe URL requested was not found and is in some way invalid.
429 - Too Many Requeststoo_many_requestsToo many requests where made at the same time. To learn more about our limits, see our section for Rate Limit .
500 - Server Errorinternal_server_errorAn unexpected error occurred and it wasn't possible to complete the request.